We all know that fresh air is good for babies, but a recent study conducted by Columbia University’s Center for Children’s Environmental Health shows that the air a mother breathes during pregnancy is also important to baby’s health.
The study found that the behavioral health of children seemed to be linked to the amount of pollution in a mother’s environment during pregnancy. It found that the likelihood of children having the following conditions between the ages of six and seven increased proportionately to the amount of pollutant in the mother’s environment while the child was being formed:
• Depression
• Attention problems
• Anxiety

Many expecting mothers, especially those with darker skin or whom live in northern latitudes are vitamin D deficient.

Deficiency is associated with higher rates of prenatal infections, preeclampsia, preterm birth and Cesarean section. Newborns whose mums were deficient are at risk for low calcium levels and skeletal abnormalities, such as rickets.


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